LPC2103 Board: In the making!

NEW:::: NOT WORKING YET! Other half added!! Here is how the first half is coming along: DARN!!! some of the traces are bad. Im considering redoing the entire board with thicker traces. But will be kind of tough. Im feeling a bit sick today. No energy to do anything. I might just try to fixContinue reading “LPC2103 Board: In the making!”

Learning ARM7 again using LPC2103

Hello everyone. While i do love PIC Microchips, sometimes another UC is best… I decided to go with the ARM7 and my exact choice will be the LPC2103.. I chose this for a couple reasons. It has enough Flash and RAM for me to play with, it is available in Proteus so i can simulateContinue reading “Learning ARM7 again using LPC2103”