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Beagleboard Addons

Beagleboard stuff being so much fun, but the addons out there cost way, way too much. I plan on making some addons pretty soon. Already have parts on the way.

Im planing a LCD board of course, and a SPI board. If anyone has any suggestions please comment.

Beagleboard Resource

Check this out. I found some valuable information:

Beagleboard-xM GNOME!

Yeah i got the hang of this i think. I even added a user via terminal so i can login with a password 🙂
I have nice 50″ LCD in the room… so i went and plugged this in and poof! BEAUTIFUL GNOME SCREEN!

I have yet to test video play back or anything serious like web browsing and even cross compiling my own stuff. But hey! its a start 🙂

BeagleBoard-xM – Part 4. Finishing it all

Ok in this video you will see how to Make directories, mount devices, copy files, extract tar.gz files and syncing the card.

Short Version would be:

sudo mkdir /tmp/root
sudo mkdir /tmp/boot

sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /tmp/boot
sudo mount /dev/sdb2 /tmp/root

sudo cp MLO /tmp/boot
sudo cp u-boot.bin /tmp/boot
sudo cp uImage /tmp/boot
sudo cp boot.scr /tmp/boot

sudo tar -xvz -C /tmp/root -f xMt1-image-beagleboard.tar.gz

sudo umount /tmp/boot
sudo umount /tmp/root

Remove SD card and place in beagleboard xm and enjoy!

Ok here is the video:

BeagleBoard-xM – Part 3. Narcissus

Ok below you will see a video on how to go about using Narcissus to generate a image and u-boot stuff for our MicroSD card.

BeagleBoard-xM – Part 2. SD Card Setup

Ok I was going to write a whole thing on how to do this but it makes more sense to make a small video with captions. No sound sorry. I dont have one of those sexy over the internet voices 🙂

Also… I am usually listening to music when working on my PC its relaxing and helps me concentrate.

Some settings to know if you’re a pro already:

Create Partition #1:
SIZE:  117.63MB (MAX)

Create Partition #2:
SIZE:  > 1GB
LABEL: Angstrom

Note: To install gparted - sudo apt-get install gparted