Bluetooth Module BTM-182

Hello all i recently obtained a BTM-182 from Sparkfun. This is a Bluetooth module. This module is super easy to get up and running, even though i ran into a issue. The issue i had was on my part, i was writing to the wrong port. Ok i wont go into details about the moduleContinue reading “Bluetooth Module BTM-182”

Wireless Project – RF Link 4800bps – 315MHz

Working on some code for wireless communication.Both parts are RF Link 4800bps – 315MHz.  Above are pictures of the transmitter (smaller) and receiver (larger)… Code and testing coming soon. Just made the code and it works good so far. Catches a ton of noise tho.  Code ported over from: [ CODE DOWNLOAD ] CodeContinue reading “Wireless Project – RF Link 4800bps – 315MHz”