Portable RemoteSeven

What’s the use of having a 7 inch touch screen remote if its not able to be wireless…

Testing with a 2600mah battery. And now also has a push button to dim lcd backlight to preserve power. Will make a auto off feature to save more power.





Ok did a couple more test. Learned the hard way about the swap.. Basically on the FT800 you have to swap out the new screen for the old one. So if you plan to update just a portion… you might have to rewrite the entire screen. Well this is what it seems like right now. Perhaps im doing it wrong.

Im doing this from scratch and without using any functions from the FTDI code, only the definitions.

But so far its pretty good i guess… now to play with TOUCH and actual IMAGES!

Code for above (well MAIN code)

int main ( void )

 FT800_STR(10,10,0xFFFFFF,31,"Jason Lopez");
 FT800_STR(10,86,0x0000FF,22,"XMOS startKIT 1V2");
 FT800_STR(10,104,0xFF0000,22,"FT800Q Display IC");

 return 0;



Could it be?!?!


After some modifications to my board and finally got it working. Ill post details in the morning



Running on StartKIT from XMOS!

4.3″ SSD1963 from CHINA


Im pleased to say i got my 4.3″ LCD Module in from china in only a little over a week! And in the Chinese Festive timeline! This is AMAZING!!!

Got it from eBay, while i havent tested it yet i have taken some pictures. I wont disclose the eBayer yet just in case i can work out a deal with him 🙂

Expect something soon with this 🙂

Also dont worry i still havent given up on the FT800. Just waiting on some boards and stuff but so far so good on that part. I have working code, but then my lcd cable broke when moving it to take pictures.

2.8″ TFT on XMOS

2.8Touch Shield

Ok ive had this TFT from RadioShack for a while now and never really use it but i think this is a good time to test it out. Im using the startKIT from XMOS as the controller.

This LCD is originally a 5v product. To make it a 3.3v item simply remove the 3.3v regulator and jump the input and output pins like I have done here. Notice that in case i want to use it on 5v again i left the IC (vreg) taped to a area on the pcb as to reuse it 🙂


Using the code attached/linked below you can control your LCD as well. This code was converted from the original code from the LCD Info link below. There is no TOUCH portion as of yet. I got tired and decided to leave it for another day. I will be using an IC to convert touches. The IC i will be using is the ADS7843. So expect code for that one of these days.

Here are some images as proof of code working.




LCD Info:

Pcb making

Ok I’m finally back to making pcbs at home, here is a picture of a pcb with 0402 parts. Not yet etched but you can see it’s going to be good, I also darkened some pads using sharpie and magnifier.



Reverse Engineering a 8 INCH LCD

This will be my ultimate goal! I have these 8″ LCDs from a picture frame. My goal here is to Make this work! They come from broken (un functional new) Digital Picture frames.. The first day here and i can see the whole device seems to on constantly and uses a button to control its sleep state or something. The backlight seems to send out 5v which isnt enough.. .(perhaps because it stays in sleep mode?)

I know for a fact there are plenty of white LEDs inside and are arranged in sets of 3…. 3 leds is 1 set… so 7V to 9V will power these backlights…

I dont have time right now but will surely try to hack the heck out of these … and if i can get it working you can bet i will sell them DIRT CHEAP on my shop… How does $10 sound for a 8″ Color LCD ?(bare) $40-$60 with a controller… still cheaper that many out there.

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