Small LED Board

I decided to use my Proto board i made and make a 8×8 led brick show some text. Its pretty cool… I changed the font, so new video soon… for now take a look at pictures…

Video Added!!!

Decade Counter For LED Matrix

Hello all. Back again. I have decided to use a HCF4017B (HCF4017BE) which is a counter. Its actually simple to use alone but when daisy chaining (cascading) it gets funny heh…

I am using this because the new board has 4x 5×7 LED Matrixs meaning there are now 20 rows to control. Using 3 4017’s i can control all 20 with 1 pin from PIC Micro. Which not only saves me PIC PINS it also simplifies coding since i can use a simple loop now.

Below you will see a video of it in action. I recommend going to youtube by clicking the video this way you can see a bigger HD video. The video will show how the 4017 (counters) work. And how i plan on connecting them.

LED Matrix

Hello all sorry for not being around lately. I was sick earlier in the year… Im feeling way better now and have enough energy in me to create some new projects.

I’m working on a LED Matrix right now which will consist of 4 5×7 Matrixs…. why so small? Mainly because the LED blocks i have are kinda big and only 4 fit on the board in a straight line… I might order smaller blocks to make a longer scrollable message but for now this will have to do.

Here are some images and a video of what i have so far:

Here is the video of 1 block just made this to test each block to ensure they work:

More to come SOON!

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