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While i have been posting mostly on electronics here, this is still indeed a personal blog so i just wanted to add this video and mention i have been under the weather for the last week. I think its a cold or something. Not sure.

The upside to it all… this video. Its the second time she has crawled but the first time ive seen it. I got the camera as quick as possible and setup some puff treats. (Melts with water/saliva)

iPod post

Just testing posting from iPod touch incase I have news and not near a pc.

Edit: testing editing post.

New Desk Up

Just put up a new desk. Basically a big heap of glass of some huge brackets 🙂

Baby Girl in @ 11:20PM

Hello everyone just wanted to inform you i just had my daughter. 6.2 LBS. At 11:20PM on Feb ,11 2011

Here is a picture.

Call of Duty Kicking Ass!!

Take a look at this score. Its awesome. Im getting better by the day!

Call of Duty MW2

Look at this great score… (im AtomTechLive) heh (XBOX 360) 14 Kills / 5 Deaths

Camera YAY!!!

OMG i did it. I fixed the camera and now works with SD and all!!

It was the stinking SD Card connector itself… 3 pin werent making contact with SD card. I bent them slightly with tweezers and poof it works!

The bad news is i lost some screws and parts when it first broke 😦 so its going to be taped together … i dont care about the look of it as long as it works!