While i have been posting mostly on electronics here, this is still indeed a personal blog so i just wanted to add this video and mention i have been under the weather for the last week. I think its a cold or something. Not sure. The upside to it all… this video. Its the second […]

Camera YAY!!!

OMG i did it. I fixed the camera and now works with SD and all!! It was the stinking SD Card connector itself… 3 pin werent making contact with SD card. I bent them slightly with tweezers and poof it works! The bad news is i lost some screws and parts when it first broke […]

Camera Woahs

Hey something funny is happening! I took apart my camera to see if i can see anything bad and i tried taking a picture and it worked! but still no SD card functionality. so im going to dig deeper. Hopefully its a burnt out resistor or something i have tons of stock in ūüėÄ