Check this simple easy to use tool i just made. Im always using google to convert from 1 unit to another. This helps me out a ton… Can convert from and to: MM, MIL, CM, INCH If you think im forgetting something just tell me. Single click on list will copy selected text into the […]

AtomNotes V1

Ok here is my version 1 of AtomNotes. This is NOT TESTED well but should work heh… requires .NET 4 (using on windows 7 but should be good on others) AtomNotes V1 Please visitors if you download it and find a bug post a comment. I would love to see what bugs are and try […]


Ok this is still a work in progress. But so far its awesome! So far you can create new notes, save notes, open notes, change colors and fonts. The main thing im working on is saving the note color with actual note so you can reopen as it was saved exactly. (fonts are saved) UPDATE: […]

Chinese Wonder* (pun)

Ok i have one of those tiny 7 inch laptops which has a ARM and WinCE/Android running on it.. While this is pretty cool to have i have no use for it. Unless i start learning how to program for android. Which i will not even get into. The cool thing i like about this […]

Custom USB Software

Ok i just got my scale from It was free but i had to pay $7 shipping. Which isnt bad. This scale is supposed to be used with software ONLY! It has no LCD. Its a model 510 scale. I read online that some one was selling a program which would allow you […]