MC34063A PCB

Making a little Boost pcb for lcds, using the MC34063A. I used the TFM (toner transfer method). I was going to leave it bare copper but instead tried a HASL type thing. Where i simply solder everything and desolder the pads using a desoldering braid.


While I might be a little late in getting it, I finally have it. The STM32F0-Discovery Kit. This little board is awesome! Besides having a ton of usable I/O pins, it has pads for your own crystal (PTH or SMT) and has a nice speed on it with no crystal. You can get 48Mhz with […]

PCB Creation

Hey everyone, i have been searching for a CHEAP PCB manufacture that will go down to 3 or 4 MIL spacing / trace but no luck. For that kind of specs your looking at $400+ for a small PCB… So I took a wild shot and made a small MIL chart in eagle with 7 […]

Upcoming Product…

Ok I have been sitting on some LPC1313 MCUs for about 2-3 months now with no use. I have only 3. So i plan to make only 2 PCBs for sale. 1 is for me for testing and such. I have a design already but need to get the silk screen finished and then ill […]

SSD1963.. dev…

Just because the actual creation of hardware is on hold doesnt mean development is… Here is the latest REVISION of my SSD1963 breakout… this breaks out EVERYTHING you will ever need… except the 8080 MCU choice… i assume and guess its the most popular or well only used type in these times. The image below […]

SSD1963 Delay…

Ok guys… GOOD and BAD news… i like saying the bad first because then the good picks me up… BAD -> This project will be delayed 2 months…The delay is due to funding GOOD -> In 2 months ill have enough funding to buy a bunch of the chips and boards and have some made […]

SSD1963 Thoughts

Here is a non connected look of the SSD1963 breakout so far. Has changeable OSC settings and will breakout almost every pin! Edit: Changed R2 to be of Variable type for variable Boost!(vr1) Here is a Routed version. This is all hand routed. No AUTO ROUTE crap! It will cost me $30.78 to get 3 […]