PSP LCD Part 2: Selecting a Controller & Schematic

Okay i am a bit perplexed when it comes to this. I was thinking about using a FPGA since i have one on hand but then I realized the FPGA cost about $15 from digikey while i can simply get a controller already made and save coding time on it. The SSD1963 is about $18Continue reading “PSP LCD Part 2: Selecting a Controller & Schematic”

PSP LCD Part 1 – The hardware concept

Ok first things first, before i even try to code this puppy i want to make a basic idea of whats needed hardware and software wise. To do this lets take a look at the datasheet.  (If link is down google: Sharp Datasheet LQ043T3DX02) Okay scrolling through the datasheet we hit page 7 which hasContinue reading “PSP LCD Part 1 – The hardware concept”