32khz Oscillator reference signal

This info was copied from: http://ayudaelectronica.com/oscilador-32khz-bajo-consumo/ Its in Spanish but here is the English version. This looks like i might be able to add it to my boost circuit! Going to give it a test today… Useful when you need a reference signal of low frequency, consumption is about 1 uA. Also found a similarContinue reading “32khz Oscillator reference signal”

Custom …Motion Sense Security .. DVD-R

I have a Stand Alone DVD Recorder which i barely use and a camera installed on my house door. Now usually the camera is just used to see who is knocking. But recently something happened where i now would like to record the video.. Recording Equipment is expensive and usually for multiple cameras and wouldContinue reading “Custom …Motion Sense Security .. DVD-R”