Portable RemoteSeven

What’s the use of having a 7 inch touch screen remote if its not able to be wireless… Testing with a 2600mah battery. And now also has a push button to dim lcd backlight to preserve power. Will make a auto off feature to save more power.

Some of the toys…

Just wanted to share a picture of some of the items i collected on my Electronics learning journey. These are only Development Boards & Programmers, I have way to much stuff to take a picture of it all. I’m surprised i fit it all in 1 area without a huge mess. (just a small mess). […]


Hey all im making a new PCB which i will use for ARM and PIC micros. Features: 5v Supply Via USB (SMD) 3.3v Supply Via LM1117 3.3 (DPAK) 1.8v Supply Via LM1117 ADJ (SOT223) USB to UART Via FT232RL IC (SOIC) All powered by one 5v USB connection. Also the USB is 3v for ARM […]

Digital Etch A Sketch

This is my single knob version of a etch a scketch. The PIC controlling the Rotary Encoder is a 18F4620 but smaller pics like 18F1320 can be used. and 16F pics also. The windows program was developed in C#(C Sharp) and it connects to the PIC via USB to UART connection aka FT232RL IC. Take […]

uC Programming Corner

Take a look at this setup i got now. I decided to make a little spot on my table dedicated to programers for PIC and ARM… I have a AVR Dragon and ST Micro ($7 board) i can add too. I might just do it heh!!! But here are pictures for now… EDIT: I took […]