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Hey guys I’m currently in the midst of a move. So haven’t been able to do anything but orders from tindie. We are almost done. The new place seems nice and just got Fios installed which seems good.

Here is a night picture of the new area.


And day of another corner 🙂


I’ll be back up in no time. See you all soon.


1.5″ OLED

oled1 oled2

I recently bought a OLED from Wide.HK ebay page:

All i needed was a easier way to tell the pinout so i made this little image. I plan on making pinouts like this for everything i do from now on. Seems easy and saves me time.


Home made stencils!

Check it out! I make PCBs all the time and to be honest i dont want to spend money on stencils or wait for them to come in. So i decided why not try and make my own. I own a ShapeOko 2 and some other tools so it shouldnt be too hard.

Now just because i have a CNC machine doesnt mean you couldnt do this without one. I havent tried it but it should work with a Drill Press, just manually 🙂

I have no time to explain it all to be honest been busy but ill make time this weekend to edit this post with actual steps.

Tools i used:

1. CNC Machine
2. 1mm Drill Bit
3. Double sided tape (Cheap Dollar store kind (image below))

Here are some images…

20150711_124756 20150711_125312

Coming back!

Hey guys, sorry i have been MIA lately. Have a big job to do and like to have a Clear mind and space when i work. I wanted to inform everyone i have some cool project ideas and will be posting them pretty soon. (After the job)

Also i want to remind people if you have any request email me…


Sale on Tindie!

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AtomInvoice V1

Ok this is AtomInvoice for tindie sellers. Allows you to load a order and create a invoice in seconds. Im already working on Version 2 which will be way more awesome!

The basics is you edit the JPG image included and the config.txt to suite your needs then load the app. When ready you enter the ORDER number and press GET… The invoice will be automatically generated on the left and you can print it using the Print button.

Thats pretty simple for a V1 and helped me understand a lot. As a note there is no JSON parser used. This is all custom parsing code. No external libs or crap to install.