Ok did a couple more test. Learned the hard way about the swap.. Basically on the FT800 you have to swap out the new screen for the old one. So if you plan to update just a portion… you might have to rewrite the entire screen. Well this is what it seems like right now. […]

2.8″ TFT on XMOS

Ok ive had this TFT from RadioShack for a while now and never really use it but i think this is a good time to test it out. Im using the startKIT from XMOS as the controller. This LCD is originally a 5v product. To make it a 3.3v item simply remove the 3.3v regulator […]

XK-1A Development Kit

It has been a few years since i talked about XMOS and i finally decided to order one. I ordered the XK-1A Development Kit. The XK-1A is a low cost development board for exploring multicore micro controller designs based on the XS1-L8-64 multicore microcontroller. Multiple XK-1A boards can be linked together in a chain and […]

XMOS no more…

I decided to forget about XMOS. I decided to go with ARM. ARM seems to be a nice budget choice. Especially in these bad times. A ARM IC can cost as low as $3. XMOS minimum is like $7. Also the ARM programmer can be made or bought for under $20. (parallel) The XMOS programmer […]


Ok enough is enough. I have spent tons of money on little things. I want a XMOS !!! Instead of me saving my money to buy it, i end up spending it on little things which im sure i dont really need. I plan on saving as much as possible and ordering a XMOS XK-1 […]

XMOS Venture

I started my venture into XMOS which is a fairly new company (2005) which develops Event-driven processors. These are some great products if your looking for speed and ram. These are no where near a PIC/AVR micro in comparison. A PIC32 Can hit about 80Mhz with 1.5DMIPs/Mhz so thats about 120MIPs … And some AVR32 […]