Back to it!

Ok ill be trying my best to blog more often of my adventures in the world of electronics. Ive recently ugraded my cnc to be a laser cutter/engraver with a new 500 x 1000mm rail. Using a 500mW laser right now but have a nice 10W laser in the mail.

Ive also designed all new electronics for it. New arduino, new grbl 0.9 & 1.1 compatible pcb and new limits and motor/laser control pcb.

This is going to be my focus for the coming months but ill be sure to include any and all details i can.


Pix-Watch – Teensy 3.2 based smartwatch

I have been recently asked to join the group creating a awesome smartwatch. Ill be designing the PCB and Schematic. Im currently at the parts creation portion and will be designing the schematic any day now.

Go take a look at the hackaday link above and share your thoughts 🙂

Weather Base

I have decided to work on a small or i should say basic weather display for in my home. It will use a Arduino Zero Clone (AtomZero), 7in LCD, MicroSD for images, Wifi using the ESP8266, some internal temp sensor and probably a 12v adapter to supply 3.3v @ 3A or something.

Now this might not seem basic but i will try my best to make code available and understandable. I usually dont comment anything but ill try to this time.

The ESP8266 will be using NodeMCU to help take the load off the AtomZero. NodeMCU is new and a mystery to me so i will be studying this:

He seems to have a weather station done completely on the ESP8266 which is quite cool. But the LCD i want to use requires SPI (MOSI, MISO, CS, SCK, INT, SCL, SDA, CS2(SD)) Thats 8 IO already, not even sure if i missed any 🙂

The LCD is a 7 inch capacitive touch (5 finger max) and will have a simple GUI to set things like Wifi user/pass, Location , update info etc… When on it will take about 800mA to 1.2A which is the main reason i dont plan on using batteries, even though i will have the screen timeout i still would like to not have to worry about batteries. I might make it have a small 800mAH battery just to be able to move round the house without having it turn off.

Jan 20, 2016: will be paying what ever code i have done so far today or tomorrow.


Hey guys I’m currently in the midst of a move. So haven’t been able to do anything but orders from tindie. We are almost done. The new place seems nice and just got Fios installed which seems good.

Here is a night picture of the new area.


And day of another corner 🙂


I’ll be back up in no time. See you all soon.

1.5″ OLED

oled1 oled2

I recently bought a OLED from Wide.HK ebay page:

All i needed was a easier way to tell the pinout so i made this little image. I plan on making pinouts like this for everything i do from now on. Seems easy and saves me time.


Home made stencils!

Check it out! I make PCBs all the time and to be honest i dont want to spend money on stencils or wait for them to come in. So i decided why not try and make my own. I own a ShapeOko 2 and some other tools so it shouldnt be too hard.

Now just because i have a CNC machine doesnt mean you couldnt do this without one. I havent tried it but it should work with a Drill Press, just manually 🙂

I have no time to explain it all to be honest been busy but ill make time this weekend to edit this post with actual steps.

Tools i used:

1. CNC Machine
2. 1mm Drill Bit
3. Double sided tape (Cheap Dollar store kind (image below))

Here are some images…

20150711_124756 20150711_125312

Coming back!

Hey guys, sorry i have been MIA lately. Have a big job to do and like to have a Clear mind and space when i work. I wanted to inform everyone i have some cool project ideas and will be posting them pretty soon. (After the job)

Also i want to remind people if you have any request email me…