DipDuino 1.7

Some pictures for the upcoming version. So far so good. Wish i had a better camera. Guess im going to have to invest in one soon.

Updates… I

I’ve noticed I’ve been on twitter instead of also blogging stuff here.. ugh.. it seems like a lot at times. Perhaps I should always start here and just link to it in twitter. For instance here are a couple of 3D prints I’ve done .. I’ll post STL in a minute. This update is done […]


Hey everyone. Ive been busy working a new job and been kind of sick lately. So i havent had much time to do any physical work but i do have a new board. Its based on my DipDuino but using the SAMD21 instead. This is a beautiful little PCB with tons of power in a […]

New Logo

Was recommended a pretty cool site with freelance designers called Fiverr. Got a new logo made. Even though I had an issue with the designer being kind of rude it was worth it. I love my new logo.

Staying busy

As usual I’ve been a bit busy lately so haven’t been able to post much but I’ll leave some images here so you can see what I’m up to.

New schedule for orders.

Been going through a long move to a new apartment and working extra. For the time being I’ll be shipping Wednesday and Saturday only. Sorry for the inconvenience it may cause. I should back up to 100% in a few months. I’m busy setting up a new apartment and fixing new office. So delays will […]

AtomCNC V3.

Coming soon… Maybe.. idk lol Here is a peak of V3 of the AtomCNC. Might be making a v4 to hold a heavier MCU.. but still socket it. Thinking of a square socket so one can use custom MCU if needed.


Yes im at it again with the Arduino family. I focus a lot on Arduino because of its popularity and how easy it is to use. This time around i give you the DimeDuino. Its a Flex PCB based which utilizes the ATMEGA328P. Using this MCU allows for the installation of the Arduino bootloader. Hence […]