Coming soon will be my new version of the IOBuddy … The Uni in the name stands for universal. Since it should fit both standards of breadboards out there just like the Breadboard Buddy Uni.

3D Rendering

Also along with most if not all my new boards and newer versions of old boards will be a info sheet or some sort of documentation. Will most likely be either a PNG, JPG or a PDF.

Here is the info sheet for the IOBuddyUni.


Just uploaded this.. Give it a try. No source yet but i’m fixing a lot of embarrassing code in
there 🙂 Enjoy the program for now. Working on the Oct (Octal) portion later on but its very useful.

3-30-20: Octal is now working fine.

New projects

I’m getting older and feel if I had certain programs well kept or maintained it would be easier for me to get jobs done.

To help maintain new projects I’m making an entirely new GitHub account. This will house projects I plan to keep better track of.

One of the new projects is a Serial terminal. There are so many serial terminals out there. I use realTerm mostly but it’s also kind of annoying. The feature are cool but switching tabs for something that should be always available is a pain.

I’ve built a few terminals of my own in the past but only for quick use nothing serious. In fact most of my project not all but the majority are quick 1 time use applications.

I’m learning C# more and more with Async stuff I think it would be a great way to build some new skills while developing a useful app.

This terminal will be open source. Commented as well as I can comment it and I’ll do my best to track bugs and take feedback and requestion on GitHub. I will also see it compiled as a binary on my website. Zipped and scanned for viruses of course.

Touch Screen remote

Yes I know I’ve done this in the past with a 7in capacitive LCD.. but it’s fun. Also this is using an esp32 so wifi enabled.

Basic operations.. esp32 configures LCD.. SD card then wifi. Loads images into it’s ram for remote keys and toggle switches.

The TV or TVs yes it can control 2 or more. Are controlled via Rokus Extended control stuff. Basically you send post signals to your TV and can control it that way. You can control as many Roku TVs as it allows on your network. The current issue is this is only local. So you have to be on same network as TV which isn’t an issue to be honest.

The goal…

I use a 32 inch Roku TVs as my monitor. It’s great so far but to have to find the remote if I misplace it can be a hassle. So I plan to build this into my computer as a front panel. So I can simple press what ever I want to do. No aiming of remotes.. no finding.. just simple control.

Update March 23… Base code is from..


Ok I left this a while back and I’m not even sure why. I managed to port over some code to the ESP32 via Arduino… Tbh I might try and learn esp32 from the actual framework. I do not like the way I see Arduino heading to be honest.

Some videos of it in action. Yes that’s the AtomEve 1.2 no audio soldered though. I might make a nicer PCB. Larger but cleaner. I’m starting not to like these bunched up parts.

LPC-2101 Core

Ok just got some boards in and this was the first one to get soldered up. BTW all my soldering is iron and heat gun. No ovens anymore.

It’s a LPC-2101 all broken out with RTC battery. Don’t worry that is a BAT54C missing.. it has been soldered since but camera had to die on me.

This will go on my Atom-Dev board which I am now naming AtomHUB. And these MCU boards are cores. Ill do a write up later on this week.

So this board has a 10MHZ resonator and 32khz crystal for RTC. The actual MCU with PLL will most likely be set from 50 to 70 mhz for my use. Oh btw there is also a FPC connector for JTAG on the back side of PCB. I’ll get a pic up tomorrow. It’s late here.

Edit (JTAG):

To program this you could either use the JTAG or built in bootloader. I even included a ISP button so you don’t have to manually tie for the ISP line which is P0.14.

Let me know what you think.