AtomCNC V3.

Coming soon… Maybe.. idk lol

Here is a peak of V3 of the AtomCNC. Might be making a v4 to hold a heavier MCU.. but still socket it. Thinking of a square socket so one can use custom MCU if needed.


Yes im at it again with the Arduino family. I focus a lot on Arduino because of its popularity and how easy it is to use. This time around i give you the DimeDuino. Its a Flex PCB based which utilizes the ATMEGA328P. Using this MCU allows for the installation of the Arduino bootloader. Hence the Duino in the name. These will come pre-programmed with the bootloader. One portion of the circle is just for programming. There is a GND, VCC,RXI, TXO and DTR & RST depending on your programmer.

As soon as its available ill post it here and on Twitter.


  • Atmega328 running at 3.3v/8MHz or 5v/16MHz
  • Power LED (Green)
  • User LED (D13– Color may vary but mainly Blue)
  • Reset Button (makes board 2.35mm tall, if removed its only 1.36mm)
  • 3.3v(AP2112K) or 5v (AP7335A) Linear step down
  • Flash 32KB (2KB is Bootloader)
  • SRAM 2KB
  • 20 I/O Pins (A6 & A7 are not used here. Input Only anyway)
    • 1 UART D0 (RX) and D1 (TX)
    • 1 SPI D10 (SS), D11 (MOSI), D12 (MISO), D13 (SCK)
    • 1 I2C A4 (SDA) and A5 (SCL)
    • 6 PWM D3, D5, D6, D9, D10, and D11
    • 14 I/O D0-D13

Here are some pictures for now 🙂

Update Aug 9, 2020:

Newer PCBs from OSHPark…


Just joined Ko-fi hoping to get help for my many projects and ideas. I can only do so much alone especially since I offer my products and good prices. Help keep me up and making new designs.

Thank You 🙂

AtomCNC V3

Yeah its been a while. I decided to upgrade my little cnc controller.. well. the PCB does the same thing but easier connectors and everything is replaceable. Its basically a carriage for PCBs. I Love thats its small. 99.7mm x 60.26mm AKA 3.93inch x 2.37inch. Holds 3 Axis and a cloned Y axis for my dual axis Y. Has simple connectors for my Limit Switches and Probe plus a RESET. Also has the Spindle and/or Laser port. So i can plug in a simple Spindle PCB for when i use it as a CNC and then Swap it for a Laser Controller when i use my Laser (2w diode) module.

The Controller is my tiny DipDuino Yep.. Made for it but can be used with other controllers. Just have to stick with the DIP form. Any how… take a peek 🙂

DipDuino in stock and new things to come.

DipDuino is in stock. Working on a new version of the breadboard buddy as well.

I’m working on some new PCB designs for breadboarding fun.

I’m thinking of also making some tools or programmers for AVR.. like my own AVR ISP programmer and a jtag programmer using the ftdi stuff. I’m not sure. Might consider creating a simple logic clone like those China made cypress semi ones.

Been lost in ideas and not sure where to start. The AVR ISP is actually almost here. J made the PCB and Oshpark sent them already. Should be here today or tomorrow.

I am missing one part I’ll have to order from digikey but … I have time so it’s ok.

dipDuino Errata

Okay I noticed a minor but annoying mistake on the dipDuino Silk Screen of versions 1.2 and 1.3. This is already fixed in V1.3R2 but as a precaution i will be sending out with each order this page:

I also will be placing a small sticker over PCB to re-mark the silk.

DipDuino Sold Out, More to come

Ok DipDuino is sold out… But don’t worry more are on the way. New version 1.2 to be exact. Only difference is slightly longer but includes A6, A7 and smt option. So it will be a full breakout still at 0.3in dip style.

Here is a preview of whats to come. Those who own V1 will get a discount on V1.2 or be able to swap it (Minus Shipping) if they want the new V1.2.

6/28/2020 – V1.3R4 will be released soon. Price might drop as well.

Updated 5/30/2020 to include PWM Pins

Breadboard Buddy Uni C and Uni V4

The Uni C

Yes, finally here but JLCPCB Didnt V-Score my PCBs right. So i have to manually cut half of them. Any that comes out bad will be tossed.

Have a look at that beast. All the best features of the Breadboard Buddy Uni V3 but with a USB C Connector and 3A @ 3.3v supply, when fed from VIN, the USB C will supply up to 900mA. It still hasn’t been tested much.. Which is what I will be doing this weekend.

The Uni V4

The V4 will be like the Uni C but with a Micro USB connector. Will allow up to 3A @ 3.3v output when fed from VIN or Wall USB Plug. PC USB will be limited as usual to 500mA.

8×8 Matrix Fun

Ive been playing with an 8×8 LED Matrix for a couple days and found it annoying to test designs and animations. So i created a nice C# application and Arduino Code to simplify this all. Coming soon! The application isnt 100% done but its fun to see it come to life.

This is a super simple program. You can shift and rotate led patterns. Also create multiple versions making animations simple. You can play the animation live or via the app only. You can name the entire code and each individual item. You can also Save, Open and Import designs to build bigger animations or fonts.

Here is a preview:

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