16F630 ICSP Breakout Adapter

Hello all, a friend of mines named John has been generous enough to spare a ton of parts with me. Including some PIC16F630 ICs … They are in SOIC package so i needed a DIP form to test with and thought why not make a SOIC to DIP Board… then I thought again … how about adding the ICSP and LED and a CAPACITOR and came out with the below…

Simple small and works!!! (still need to shave off the edges a bit but its ok to use)

PCB Making #2

Hey guys. If you have ever wondered about how i make my boards, i have a great little tutorial coming up soon…

Here are the parts i use and the best places to get them from…

Negative Photo Resist & Developer (RECOMMENDED 100%)


Day Light Bulbs work 100% of the time: (available at most hardware stores)

Etching Solution: (available at most hardware stores)
2 Parts Peroxide, 1 Part Muriatic Acid

Peroxide can be bought anywhere almost… The one in  the Brownish bottle…
Muriatic Acid can be found in most hardware stores for cheap!

UPDATE: I tried using Magazine paper and it came out pretty good: