Photo Etching PCBs

Ok i finally got all the tools i need to do some Photo Etching meaning i can make boards!!!

I have a Laminator, Printer (ink jet or laser), Day Light Bulbs, Negative Resist and Developer.

Some others tools i needed was… Glass sheet and Transparency paper but i used the wrong kind on this first tiny board…  So it smudged a bit. I used Laser paper on a ink jet heh i didnt notice… Im off to buy new paper and test again.. I hear tracing paper is great.

When i get great results ill post my entire process and hopefully some video to show how to do it.

Here are some images of the first test board…

Coming Next!!!

Eagle Parts

Im getting into using Cadsoft Eagle PCB  software. So when ever i make a part i will post it here. I wont make a new post for each so be sure to bookmark this post:

MMA7660FC :
R1 is the one i have but they are the same just different shipping…
R1 = 7″ Tape and Reel
T = Tray

Here is a image of the part… Note the bottom portion isnt visible unless you use the INVOKE command since they are just No Connects and Mounts.


I will post my library tomorrow … Sorry for the delay.

Nokia 6100 LCD Code

Since i let go of my site a few people have asked me about my LCD code for the Nokia 6100 LCD… Well i dont have hosting for ZIP files, so i went to RapidShare… If this link should not work please leave a comment and i will reupload it and place a new link ok. There are 2 links below. The basic is just some cut down LCD Code. The FULL contains a more advanced LCD code with the Image Converter.


Some Videos:

UPDATE: FEB, 26 2010

New Pictures of it on a test board. Running a PIC18F248 (MATURE PIC)…