Hey everyone just got my hands on 2 of these MRF24J40MA RF Transceiver modules. Which seem to be great little devices for $10 each… I plan to use MiWi as a first test since it was made for it.. I know im going to run in to trouble since i have no experience with any network protocols like this and Zigbee.

Here are some images stock and my actual boards. They came as flat boards, i put in some work to make them dip and i think it is worth it heh… For real world use i recommend just straight solder to a PCB…

More Information: [ LINK ]

Nokia 7110 Library

Hey guys it seems like the Nokia 7110 LCD is getting pretty famous out there and a lot of people are in need of code for it. Here is my own custom library. Nicely commented and with a sample Main.c file to get you started. It includes some features like Fade, Typed, Style(underline,crossed out). I hope you find it useful.

Code: [Download]


The Sony Infrared Protocol is by far the simplest to implement in any design using IR data. Once you fully understand the SIRC then you can surely create your own. Below is code i made for the PIC12F629 Microchip. This code was written in SourceBoostC which is a C programming language for pic micros. Usually i will use C18 for PIC18F’s but for PIC12F and PIC16F i will use BoostC. What it does is:

1. Receive Infrared Data
2. Has a learning mode to store new button press as default
3. Turn On/Off a Relay which can control up to 125v @ 1 Amp

The code is actually simple and i have commented it a bunch. Below you will also find a Schematic and Video of it working.

Code: [Download]
Video: [Youtube]

First blog ever !

Hey my name is Jason. This is my first blog and since it is let me just explain who I am and what you can expect to find on here.

As said before my name is Jason… im 25 as of the date on this post… I am currently a student or will be in 2 weeks at Devry College in NY(USA).  My main interest is Electronic Engineering. Im going for my Bachelors degree and hopefully ill get it in time heh…

You can expect to find a ton of things here related to electronics. My projects, thoughts and free code that i have created.

I would love it if some of you great people out there comment and ask questions. I love helping when ever i can.

So enjoy your visit(s) and be sure to comment your butt off !!