Blackberry Trackball

Hey guys just finished making my PCB for the Blackberry Trackball. Ill upload the PCB and schematic and parts list after i run a couple more test. So far it seems perfect!

Bluetooth Module BTM-182

Hello all i recently obtained a BTM-182 from Sparkfun. This is a Bluetooth module.

This module is super easy to get up and running, even though i ran into a issue. The issue i had was on my part, i was writing to the wrong port.

Ok i wont go into details about the module because you can find the info on Sparkfun.

What i will give you is some basic information to get started using this with a PC. Once you can use it with your PC you can use it with a AVR, PIC or ARM without issue.

Lets take a look at the pinout:

Looks like a lot, i know. Dont worry most of these pins wont even be used.  The only pins we need to worry about besides POWER pins are…


There are some LED’s we can also which are:

Link Status – PIN 22
Data Status – PIN 24
Power Status – PIN 28

These are vital for debug use. They are not needed really but can help you figure out connection and power issues.

Knowing the pins required we can now make a small development board for breadboard use:

Ok With this board created we can connect to a MCU or PC. The protocol is UART and the default config is:

Baud rate: 19200 bps
Data bit: 8
Parity: none
Stop bit: 1

You can simply use a MAX232 to connect to your PC and talk to the device via Terminal program or you can connect to a MCU like this:

The device uses simple AT command to configure the device.  As for example we will change the name of the module. You can get the name from the module by sending


This is AT Command N? which queries the device for its name. The max characters for the name field is 16.

To change the name to “AtomBT” we have to send “ATN=AtomBT”

Its simple as that. If you are getting errors or no data from the device try sending “+++” this is a SWITCH to command mode command. It will leave data mode and enter command mode.

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