Useful 3D print

Hey everyone, just wanted to share a useful little print I made. I’ll be honest and say it may not be useful for many but the idea alone may just be what helps.

I have a window fan in my kitchen with an annoying knob. It’s almost impossible to turn by hand. The creator of this knob needs a snack in the back of their head. The fan is by Comfort Zone.. I think it’s a Target fan… Not sure. Below is the knob.

It’s so horrible to use. I took my calipers and measured it.. sorry it’s in inches.. just didn’t care at the moment..

After measuring I designed a nice little part that can go over it without modification of the fan.

Now this is the easiest to use knob I. The house lol just thought I’d share this for those who never thought of simply printing over a knob instead of replacing it

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