Today I write in to share my newest creation. I call it the AtomKeybOR the OR is for the shape. It’s an OR gate shaped keyboard.

It only has 5 keys and is shaped to fit my hand and probably many other hands comfortably. The main reason I decided to make this is to ease my programming. While programming there are tons of functions and key combos I use often as does everyone else such as Copy and Paste but there are a few key combos often over looked because people tend to use the mouse instead.

The 5 functions my keyboard implements are…

Copy, Paste, Select Line, Select All and ESC

So with the press of any 1 key I can do any of those functions. ESC isn’t special but it’s awesome to have close by.

This keyboard not only saves time but is pretty to look at. I decided to go with Glass and wood as the final design and used a Wazer Desktop water jet cutter to cut of the glass.

The Wazer is an awesome tool to have at my disposal. Not only can I cut out glass but I can cut aluminum, steel, acrylic and more all while leaving a smooth finish since it uses sand and water to cut.

While I’m not complete with the design I have tested the code and have an mcu picked out. I decided to go with the ATSAMD21G18. I used an example from the “Advanced Software Framework (ASF) for SAM Devices”. While it was for the SAMD21J18 it was easily modified to work for my choice.

The mcu was chosen because I have a few on hand and could easily test it using my dipDuino SAMD21.

DipDuino SAMD21

The PCB I’ve designed will fit on the top-left part of the design. It’s pretty small and will have everything needed without the extras on most boards. No pin headers as all will be solder pads. 1 led for USB status and a micro USB connector. It will be fused since it’s an open design just incase something falls inside it and shorts.

Here are some test shots and designs being finalized.

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