Modding old MP3 player

My wife recently found an old MP3 player from about 2008 and asked if I can get it working, knowing I love this kind of stuff. I said I’d give it a shot but no guarantees.

Having a look on the side I notice a weird 4 pin header and a label on back that says it’s actually a USB port. Kind of weird. So I open it up to see what’s it like.

I find out I’m extremely lucky as a Micro USB connector not only fits but the pinout is almost aligned straight. So I rip apart a wire for a strand or 2 and get to soldering.

After soldering and plugging it it it starts up. Yes! So now I plug it to my PC and once again it starts up and then loaded a storage device. How lucky is this woman. It was fun and took about 20 minutes. Need to test the music but yeah it’s alive.


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