ADT 12232 V10 – New Test

Based on the test board from: ADT 12232 V10 – New Test Board

This has a 4 way navigation switch but only 3 positions are used(Up, Down, Right). Up is UP, Down is DOWN, Right is ENTER. I also created a PCB based on the tutorial i wrote for creating a PCB. of a SOIC20 to SIP10.  I used a DS3234 which is a RTC (Real Time Clock) to show the time and date information.  The DS3234 is a SOIC20 so i made a SIP10 based on pins that are usefull and might be used. There are 9 No Connect pins on this SOIC20 so i omitted them to save pins. Also there are 2 SCL lines. I took out one of them. So i saved 10 pins.

Here is a video. Code might be released soon.

If you watch on YouTube you can see it in HD Quality. Since my camera is now fixed heh

UPDATE: Added Schematic below.


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3 responses to “ADT 12232 V10 – New Test”

  1. pasanlaksiri says :

    Wooow man. Its really cool. And your PCBs are getting better day by day. You print the top layer to right. I guess using PULSAR right. he heee

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