STM32F4 with Character LCD

Easy as PIE! Custom LCD Controller PCB 8 pins only! 6 DATA, 2 POWER Contrast control via POT

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Starting a small company. Trying to build it from ground up. Only 2 employees so far. Nothing serious yet but soon!

14 responses to “STM32F4 with Character LCD”

  1. Roman Vaughan says :

    So how would you compare the STM32 with other platforms?

    • atomsoft says :

      Right now its pretty new in crossworks so very buggy! I have not tried other STM32s but this one seems cool. I do not like the fact that you have to select a max speed of the PORT, which i think is 50Mhz or something.. not sure.

      Also the naming of the registers suck really. I mean it might just me being used to PIC micros but come on… PIC has TRIS for direction, AVR i think has DDR, here its MODER… i assume MODE REGISTER… its a ugly term in my opinion.

      Also PORTx for PIC and AVR here its ODR which is only for output pins i think. Its truly different. Even on NXP LPC2000 series the PORTx equivalent is IOxPIN which makes more sense.

  2. megahercas says :

    Some how it lock my stm32f4 mcu, and I can’t program it again unless I reset mcu just before flashing new driver. I have no idea why it’s happening.with example programs I have no problems.
    and it don’t want to write to second line of the display. anyway, nice that you have it working 🙂

    • atomsoft says :

      That happens to me when i do something wrong… Step through your code and see what may have been wrong. Like if a PIN is output make sure its not shorting anywhere. I was making everything output and it would lock up like that. Make sure you change settings to the actual pins you will be using only.

  3. Simon says :

    Fantastic tutorial thanks. No chance i would get it done without it pmapped out in easy to understand steps! Thank you!

  4. megahercas says :

    is it possible that you can make tutorial for LCD screen like 480×272 with SSD1963 controller, or ili9320 controlled 320×240?
    and what kind of tool chain do you use ?
    still no luck with Atollic,Same problem, but i guess that’s drivers fault, since i can reach with ST-Link utility, and can’t with atollic

  5. Ron says :

    Can i do it with pic18f4550 ??


  6. Alexander S says :


    nice project. But I can’t find the tutorial. Please help me, please show me the link.

    Thank you very much

  7. Tomas Stuchlik says :

    Hi everyboby , did someone get this error mesage true the compiling the example code from this page ?

    RETURN TYPE OF FUNCTION “main” MUST BE ” int ” . please help …. 🙂

  8. Vishal K M says :

    Code is not Available, Link is broken, Please post the code

  9. mira almaz says :

    je veux travailler avec un capteur temperature lm35 mais sur stm32f4 pouvez vous m’aider svp !?

  10. Dat Nguyen Quoc says :

    please tell me how to connecting pin of kit with LCD!

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