STM32F4 Character LCD in Crossworks

Ok for those who use crossworks, even those who dont can simply port this over to something else. Here is my complete test project for a Character LCD (generic 44780). It includes the project files for Crossworks for ARM. I have my CMSIS in C:\stm32f4xx so you may have to alter the file locations to your CMSIS folder.


3 thoughts on “STM32F4 Character LCD in Crossworks

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  1. Hi im unable to download the file included, it just takes me to’s front page, is there something im doing wrong? I need this quite badly for a project, but the codes my professor written as an example on how to interface with the LCD didnt work (hes just learns the code 1 week before we started so he dosent have a clue most of the time). Thank you and have a nice day

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