FT800 Breakouts

Coming out MID-LATE August is the FT800 from FTDI, named the FTDI EVE. http://www.ftdichip.com/EVE.htm

“The FT800 combines display, audio, and touch into a single chip, providing an optimized solution that reduces power, board area, BOM costs, and much more.”

MikroElektronika is already selling them on PCBs, http://www.mikroe.com/click/eve/ & http://www.mikroe.com/add-on-boards/display/connecteve/

The problem with that is its made for the LCDs and Protoboards, and the price is crazy for a MASS PRODUCED product. A 4.3″ TFT with Touch can be had for about $15 now (in single qty). So why pay $80 for the board with LCD? The chips in 500+ are $5 and a PCB is less than $10 with other standard parts. So .. not sure if its a NAME BRAND issue here.

Anyway I have designed my own PCB as the solution. Its a simple Breakout and allows  for ANY LCD that fits the need and any MCU. The AUDIO is on the MCU side of the breakout so you can connect a speaker from your host pcb.

Here it is:



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