Portable RemoteSeven

What’s the use of having a 7 inch touch screen remote if its not able to be wireless…

Testing with a 2600mah battery. And now also has a push button to dim lcd backlight to preserve power. Will make a auto off feature to save more power.




About atomsoft

Starting a small company. Trying to build it from ground up. Only 2 employees so far. Nothing serious yet but soon!

15 responses to “Portable RemoteSeven”

  1. spangel says :

    i am interested in doing somthing like this for my own use.
    i would like to hear what you use to control the tv, and if it can control multiply devices like a tv, satellite box and a HTPC in the same time?

  2. ds18s20 says :

    Hey Jason, great write up; what’s the part number for this one? I can’t find a single capacitive touch screen there; all I see is resistive? I also love the fact that your LCD is already mounted and not a rats nest with flying cables all over so I actually want to buy the same exact one but I can’t find it at buydisplay? Thanks

  3. ds18s20 says :

    Perfect; thanks a bunch! I did look at ER-TFTM070-5 before but nowhere did it say it is actually mounted on a PCB; it says “with controller…” LOL sure thing was to ping you about it. Thanks again.

  4. Rob Tullis says :

    Hi Jason, I ordered one of these displays to work on a project very similar to yours. Unfortunately, I am a little too curious and while playing in the menus have made my display inoperable. Just to give you a heads up, don’t change the one menu option away from SYS3. I am now trying to guess the remote keypresses to set it back. I set mine to SYS1 and now it does not work.

  5. Rob Tullis says :

    My project was more about home automation… and I mean the menus on the LCD controller.

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