Say hello to MicroAngelo!


Some info:

MicroAngelo (Comes from “michelangelo”) is a Arduino Leonardo Atom sized. This is mainly for its cuteness as shields are hard to take off but it is fully functional and will be making shields on request as well.



  • RX
  • TX
  • USER




  • All headers are 1.27mm (0.05″) pitched
  • USB is Micro
  • SPI are on VIAs

It has the same breakout as the Arduino Leonardo but smaller and no SPI. Comes pre-programmed with Leonardo running and has a 16Mhz Crystal. The ISP pins are on VIAs instead of pins as they take up to much space.

More info on the Leonardo here: http://arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardLeonardo
I will post schematics soon.

For Sale in my Tindie Shop! (pending approval)

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