DipDuino is a Arduino in 0.3in DIP form. It runs the Atmega328P. Uses an onboard CP2104 to program itself and comes pre-programmed with Arduino Bootloader. Will act as a Arduino Pro or Pro Mini. Available in my Tindie Store.

The DipDuino is a FULL ARDUINO (Minus the A6 & A7 pins). Comes in 5v and 3.3v versions. There is a RGB LED onboard to show the status of Power and UART Transmissions. Green for Power and RED/Blue for Rx/Tx.

Comes with a Reset button on board as well and a LDO for 3.3v Versions. For 5v Versions power is taken straight from USB. Please be safe and careful not to short it.

Be aware its TINY!

Width is 0.37in [9.3mm] & 0.3in [7.62mm] pin width
Length is 1.82in [46.26mm] 

As most things in life it takes cost $ to test new revisions and upgrade things.. help me out with a Coffee at least 🙂 https://ko-fi.com/atomsofttech/

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