Image Viewer Last before V2

Ok i just updated my code to use a huge 4992 Byte buffer and loading images are so fast now.

I think if i had larger SRAM, i have 8KB on the LPC2103, the image would load even faster.

So i think SPI speed isnt a issue here. I would love to make this with a LPC2132 which has 16KB of SRAM.

I would be able to dedicate about 10KB to the buffer easy! And since a full image is about 60KB thats only 6 reads. At the rate im using now it takes… 12-14 reads of the SD card. Now that means it would be 2 times as fast.

Im making a new video of the speed so far. Its way better.

If i had a A91SAM7XC512 it would just load the picture without loading to the eye heh… but that MCU is $20… (donations? lol j.k)


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