Yet another video heh

Im working on new schematics now and also moving the data lines of LCD so i can use SPI1 so i can display way faster.


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Starting a small company. Trying to build it from ground up. Only 2 employees so far. Nothing serious yet but soon!

2 responses to “Yet another video heh”

  1. Visn says :

    What are you optimising at the moment? It seems quite fast when changing pages/scrolling the file listings, but decoding/displaying the bitmaps seem to take time. Is it reading the SD card that is slow, or sharing SPI with the LCD and SD card.

    • atomsoft says :

      The LCD is not SPI but a 16Bit parallel bus. Its reading the SD Card thats taking the time. This LCD is 128*160 and so a full image is: (the 3 is Red,Green,Blue)
      (128×160)3 = 61440 Bytes

      So to load 1 image i have to read 61440 bytes from SD card. I have a buffer setup to read 1152 bytes at a time which is a lot. But the SPI0 only works at 6mhz so its slow on the SPI side. If i rewire it all i can use SPI1 which is 25mhz but then i have to recode the LCD part because SPI1 is in the middle of entire data bus like…

      SPI1 are pins 14,19,20,21 and since the LCD is 16bits i would have to shift the data around to skip pin 14 and not hit pins 19:21.

      its a small hassle but i will do it on v2 which i will make in a couple days.

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