Wiggler Clone and Dev board

Here are my schematics so far. Please be aware these are untested and may fail badly. I take no responsibility.

Update: Rev2 of PCB added USB power and POWER LED…

REV 3: Added Pull Up/Down resistors for JTAG:

UPDATE : I tested my first blink led code in ISIS and all is well!
I will also be reading up on bootloaders and such. I also have to start creating libraries of my own like… I2C, SPI, LCD,GLCD and stuff of that nature.

Any thoughts so far? I will be making my first PCB one my parts come in. But the eagle file is almost done. Im checking tons of info from datasheet to confirm JTAG is well and everything else such as what external crystal will give me what speed using PLL.

I might have the crystal changeable using a round machine pin header. These seem to hold well!

Also im considering adding a UART to USB IC in there. This will also let me create a bootloader and power device at same time. Im not sure tho. I might add it to schematic. Those parts cost too much to buy a few. Im not working remember heh…

If i do add it to schematic i can always just omit it on board so there will be a spot for it when i do get it in.

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